linea (21K)


linea (21K)

Adhesive Ripstop Nylon

Variety of ripstop according to your needs:

-ULTRALIGHT: With 27gr/m2 is the material 100% nylon ripstop lighter in the market. Thinking especially for racing sails, speed-riding, speed-flying, kites, parachutes ...

Colores Ripstop Ultraligero

-LIGHT: Material 100% nylon ripstop 42gr/m2 that provides a high opacity despite its low weight with a range of 20 colors.

Colores Ripstop Ligero

-WHITE: 100% nylon ripstop 45gr/m2 material. The only fully opaque ripstop.

-DIGITAL: Finally a 100% nylon ripstop that allows us to realize everything you can imagine, from a photograph even more complicated anagrams.

Ripstop Digital

Paragliders special vinyl

colores vinilo

Technical Features:

- Look mate, completely opaque

- Thickness of 0.08 mm and weight

- Vinyl plotter especially
      designed for flexible substrates such as the fabric of
      gliders, balloons and parachute

- Fits any surface without causing wrinkles

- Available in 20 colors

fotos vinilo

Painting - Serigraph

Foto Pintura

Technical Features:

- Satiny, very good opacity

- Applications to all tissues between 43 and 120
      threads/cm. Special nylon

- Greater flexibility of the ink film. The elasticity comes
      approximately 400%

- Responds to the standard EN 71-3

- Multiple choice of colors

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linea (21K)


You can begin well the season, takes advantage of our offers to label your tandem more

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New collection of stickers for your repair or decorate your glider more

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